7 maggio 2017

Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi - 4 Koma Bonus

Wow, i'm not sure why it took me so long to post this comic, as we found it the last summer (2016), but now it's finally here :P Maybe you remember how in 2014 we randomly found the first chapter of a weird, so-bad-it's-good heta-uma manga titled "Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi", made by an anonymous doujin circle that seems to have made a whole tankobon with the full story, but unfortunately we are still searching for the remaining chapters (we only found the second chapter in 2015) that were scattered away in different bookshop in Ariake (Tokyo), after the authors failed to sell their shitty manga at Comiket. Anyway, as it often happens with traditional manga comics, authors put a few bonus pages in their works with 4-koma humorous strips, as a non-canon joke to complement the main story... well, it seems that even in "Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi" they made a few 4 koma panels as we found them in another little doujin shop near Ariake! As soon as we saw these pages we knew they were from "Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi", the style is unmistakable and the boring pseudo intellectual topics the characters talk about is indeed the same as the main story, so you already know what to expect from this. What can I say? I hope that in 2017 we could find even more chapters from this ugly heta-uma manga, I really can't wait to see the ending of it. In the meantime, enjoy these random 4-komas, you can read it embedded below or download it in PDF.

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