26 luglio 2015

Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi - Chapter 2

The second chapter from Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi, an obscure doujin heta-uma manga is finally here! As i wrote the last year when i published online the first chapter, this comic was found by a friend in a closed bookshop in Ariake but unfortunately he was not able to find the second one, we did not know if it was ever released or not. After many months of researches he finally found the second chapter, in another manga shop near Tokyo focused on self published comics. It seems that the anonymous author of Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi left a few pages hidden between other mangas, as if they were left in there by mistake. This second chapter continue the "story" of a strange group of gods (God, Chaos, Gaben and more) that spend their time by talking about human society, videogames, films and comics, in a weird mix of pseudo-philosophical debates and random trashy humor, draw in the usual so-bad-is-good heta uma style. I'm still not sure what to think about this, try to read it yourself below (or download it in PDF) and let me know your opinion (read the First Chapter before this one, if you did not already):

4 commenti:

  1. Con un capitolo all'anno, chissà se vedremo mai il finale!

  2. Guarda che ora ti controllo gli errori in inglese! ;-D

  3. eh ma qui è troppo facile, l'engrish è parte integrante del suo fascino trash!


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