22 agosto 2014

Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi - Chapter 1

Heta Uma Jiyu no Tabi

So, while i was on vacation i was able to finally read Goodnight PunPun’s last volume with the series’s ending, and sadly it was a real disappointment. What happened to Inio Asano? While PunPun’s early episodes where a wonderful trip to a kid’s dreams, full of imagination and surreal events, the last few volumes and especially the ending are a linear and trivial fall into boredom and spoiled, psychopaths teenagers that i did not care about. But my manga-related readings this summer were saved by an anonymous author, that created a spastic and demential heta-uma style comic with no sense whatsoever… or is it? One of those so-bad-it’s-good comics that are able to entertain me for some random reasons, “Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi” (事由 の 旅 ?) was found by a friend in a closed bookshop in Ariake (Tokyo) and it’s probably the work of some obscure doujin circle with too much free time in their hands. Right now my friend has found only the first chapter of this heta uma manga, but it seems that there should be more chapters hidden away in those bookcases between hundreds of other self published comics. While we wait for “Heta-Uma! Jiyū no Tabi”’s second chapter, enjoy the first one: you can read it below or download it in PDF. Have fun! 

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