24 maggio 2011

Have you seen this girl?

Missing girl, she was last seen in a weird dream about anarchy, noisy music, old gameboys and broken light switches.

She listens to a lot of weird music
She can't stand most people
She knows how to use complementary colors
She does not know the meaning of the word "boredom"
She will never grow up
She plays (and finishes) too many videogames
She never watches TV
She is happy even when she's alone
She loves to eat home-made food
She thinks that is difficult to find good films
She often stays hours on her couch reading stuff
She talks about nothing and make silences about everything
She asks the right questions
She is secretly a ninja and a pirate at the same time

Let us know if you notice her around, thanks.

2 commenti:

  1. Bella personalità^^
    E sembra pippi calzelunghe vestita da umpa lumpa irlandese ^_______^

  2. eh si, credo sia la divisa ufficiale delle piratesse ninja, che le mimetizza a tal punto da renderle introvabili


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